Tantok, the Ruler of Flight and Defeater of Serpents, emerged onto the scene of electronic music with a debut single titled, “Berlin” on Jendex Records out of Hamburg, Germany in March 2020. After achieving a debut single release on a reputable label such as Jendex Records, Tantok music was instantly available to engaged EDM listeners from all over the world including Germany, Japan, United States, and many more. The debut single has amassed over 2,000 Spotify plays alone, and was added to Techno Variety 28, a techno compilation album, by Reflective Music. Having originally planned to release the track in January of 2020, Tantok stacked up a serious arsenal of release ready house, deep house, and techno music of which he has been releasing one single a month since the debut of “Berlin”. Before Tantok music was available, the global pandemic had shut down the music industry as we know it. However, in order to maintain momentum Tantok had to adapt to keep up with the times. Tantok has already been a part of live-stream events for several music festivals and production companies including; Shared Views, Rocky Mountain Virtual Music Festival, Arise Music Festival, Party Guru Productions and more. Jungle Ruckus Productions recently wrote an article on the up and coming producer in lieu of his single release, “OZ”. Since then several of Tantok’s productions including, “Hour Glass” and “A Personal Life” have been signed by Complex Destroyerz, a division of Digital Empire Records, out of Lima, Peru. “Hour Glass” received over 2,000 plays on Soundcloud in just the first week of release, and was also added to Beatport’s Hype Picks. In the short timeframe the Ruler of Flight has been launched, Tantok has amassed over 10,000 plays across platforms and thousands of followers. Tantok has plans set for the future involving more independent & record label releases as well as interviews, radio broadcasts, magazine & blog features, and of course the forthcoming of the complete helmet to be worn during live performances.


Tantok is a sentient being who emerged in the distant past of our ancient relatives. Once again the ruler of flight emerges in the year 2020 to fulfill a destiny of defeating the serpents. Tantok is an inter-dimensional vehicle that teleports passengers by way of sound. Destinations to higher planets reveal Earth-like atmospheric soundscapes, ambiance & interpersonal connections between passengers and other worldly life-forms. Passengers boarding the Tantok craft are advised to relax, fasten all listening devices, empathize, unify and let the music take them to destinations previously unknown. Welcome aboard.


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