Wrigley – Paradise (Tantok remix) out now!

Tantok’s Remix of Wrigley – “Paradise” is out now on all digital stores via Impure Deep Records. Board the Tantok craft for a journey through deep house with nu-disco and tech-house elements. The track features a catchy vocal line accompanied by smooth synths and deep bass.

Kamensky – “Tears Away” Tantok Remix Out Now!

Tantok’s official remix of Kamensky – “Tears Away” is now on all digital stores. The album, released by Deep Strips Records, features Tantok’s track next to other remixes by; Gus One, Deep Tone, Arise, Elegant Ape, Remundo, and more.

Faraon – “Omen” Tantok Remix is Out Now!

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Tantok’s remix of Faraon – “Omen” is out now on al digital stores. The tune features Tantok’s signature deep house sound mixed with nu-disco elements. Instrumentation includes deep luscious pads and arpeggios supported by big grounding analog bass, and accompanied by smooth sexy vocals.

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